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Definitions - Continued


The Mystic

A Mystic is a practitioner of Mysticism. Other terms include: Meditator and Yogi. Different cultures will have various names or titles for a person who is intent upon uniting with primordial consciousness, or one who actually has united with that "primary" or "beginning" awareness.

Sometimes, someone will merely be vague or metaphysical in their writing or verbal communication, and they are then referred to as being "mystical." But this is just a simple metaphor.


The Matrix

The Matrix is the external world. Illusionary in nature, it is a three-dimensional, holographic projection radiated from the interior of a living being. He or she looks out and says, "It is solid, it is real!" But it is not - otherwise magicians would not be able to influence it.

The awareness of the illusionary constitution of external "reality" is a hallmark of the advanced magician. Escape from the Matrix is discussed at the following website:

< Link to This is Your Escape from the Matrix


The Path

The Path refers to The Path of Initiation, also known as The Spiritual Path. There actually is no Path, for if there was, then the process would be much easier.

There are guideposts and waymarkers, and sometimes the way is smooth and somewhat familiar.

But at other times, the bewildered aspirant finds that everything is engulfed in total confusion

- these are periods when the path disappears, bridges are broken, and individual seekers must expose their own illusions and find their own "Path."

Another definition of the Path is that it is an actual Pathway of Light that leads from the heart chakra to the crown chakra. It is built through meditation. It has been called The Lighted Way, and the Tibetans call it the Antakharana.


The Higher Self

The Higher Self is another one of those often misused and misunderstood terms, although the general meaning is quite clear. For the "lower" person (the persona or "personality"), the Higher Self is the Soul or the Solar Angel that resides on the causal plane of consciousness.

For the mystic who is in touch with his or her Soul, the Higher Self is what would be more correctly termed the Spirit that dwells on the even higher (Buddhic or Atmic) levels.

For the mystic who is in touch with his or her Spirit, the Higher Self is the Monad that resides on the Monadic level.

In other words, the term Higher Self is relative, for no matter where one is in any given moment, there is always a higher level of being. This distinction only disappears when one is in the state of Samadhi (primordial consciousness), for then all differences disappear.



The Subconscious Mind is a favored topic of psychologists. Psychiatrists are not included here because they are medical doctors whose favorite topic seems to be the prescription of pharmaceutical substances.

Demons or Spirits are nothing more than unharmonized aspects of the subconscious mind. Although they appear to be separate entities, and although they display a universal presentment unto various magi, these guys are nothing more than repressed (or forgotten) psychological complexes. The magician and the mystic, in his or her full expansion of consciousness, contains all things within his or her being. Of course, once they are "called forth" and are made to be subservient, they are no longer subconscious, and they then become controlled, conscious servitors.

The word, "subconscious," may give us the idea that this realm is "beneath" our normal, everyday awareness. However, experience will prove that this realm actually "surrounds" our mundane consciousness, and that it is encountered just after we withdraw from external awareness (or just after we project "up and away" from the physical world). Thus, rather than "calling it up," the subconscious mind is something that we must "travel through" on our way to enlightenment.