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An Essay on

2008 by Academic Services International, Los Lunas, NM, USA


Definitions - Continued

The Higher Self is another one of those often misused and misunderstood terms, although the general meaning is quite clear. For the "lower" person (the persona or "personality"), the Higher Self is the Soul or the Solar Angel that resides on the causal plane of consciousness.

For the magician who is in touch with his or her Soul, the Higher Self is what would be more correctly termed the Spirit that dwells on the even higher (Buddhic or Atmic) levels.

For the magician who is in touch with his or her Spirit, the Higher Self is the Monad that resides on the Monadic level.

In other words, the term Higher Self is relative, for no matter where one is in any given moment, there is always a higher level of being. This distinction only disappears when one is in the state of Samadhi (universal consciousness), for then all differences disappear.


Banishing is commonly defined as the act of "sending away" negative entities from the magical circle. These entities are known as demons, spirits, shades, shells, ghosts, etc. However, Banishing ideally sends away all entities, thoughts, concepts, wishes, desires, et cetera, because we want a perfectly clear magical circle, emptied of all considerations, that is suitably prepared for the Invocation of a higher force.

The traditional technique for Banishing involves tracing a pentagram and then vibrating a god-name while projecting fiery energy through the pentagram, thus sending a blast of cleansing fire out into the environment. This is enacted in the four directions. Some traditional rites do this in a deosil (clockwise) manner, but Banishing is supposed to be widdershins (counterclockwise). The proper technique is detailed as follows:

In the center of the circle, face east. Advance forward until you are standing one full step inside the magical circle. With the magical dagger in the right hand, rapidly trace a fiery pentagram of Earth in the air (starting at the lower left and rising to the apex, then complete the star). Draw both hands back to the head alongside the temples (with the dagger pointed forward).

Inhale deeply. Vibrate the first half of the god name. Then quickly step forward with the left foot and lunge out in The Sign of the Enterer while (a) thrusting the dagger outward, (b) vibrating the second half of the god-name, and (c) projecting the fiery pentagram out toward infinity. (Note that these three actions occur simultaneously).

In The Sign of the Enterer, the entire upper body is bent forward, and the left arm also points forward and out, but it is held back in order to guard the face as if you were shielding your eyes from a blast furnace. The rear (right) foot must remain flat on the floor in order to stay "grounded."

The god-name is vibrated in a long sound, until it tapers off into nothing (i.e., all the air in the lungs has been expended). Then draw the left foot back until you are standing erect, and assume the Sign of Silence (the vertical dagger is brought up to the lips as if you were using your index finger to "shush" a child or another person).

Then advance in turn to the north, the west, and the south, and repeat the above actions. Finally, complete the circle by returning to the east, and then immediately begin a spiral back to the center of the circle, where the Sign of the Tau (Ankh) is assumed.

The above description deals only with the projection of the pentagrams. An example of a complete Banishing Ritual is given in the Appendix.


Invocation is the magical procedure wherein a higher force (a god or deity) is "called down" (from a higher, expanded level of consciousness) into the magical circle and into the magician.


Leakage is that phenomenon wherein some (or heaven forbid, all ) of the magical energy somehow "leaks out" of a magical circle. The result of leakage is uncontrolled, distracting events in the external environment, including irritating noise, sudden weather disturbances, or foul odors. Or a neighbor's house may catch on fire (I am being serious here - I have seen it happen!).

The leakage may have several causes. For example, the circle may have a physical break in it (where paint failed to adhere or chalk lines are not continuous), a foreign, unconsecrated object may reside within the circle (like the neighbor's business card), a magical instrument may fall across or outside the circle, or the magician's mind may simply wander and become unfocused.


External Gathering of Spirits may be confused with leakage, but it is a different matter. Magical energy attracts spirits from the etheric and astral planes. They gather outside the circle to observe - for they are curious. This is normal, and they should simply be ignored.

Now if some spirits are troublemakers and there is leakage, then the combination can create a troublesome circus throughout the external environment. Again, it is best to simply check the continuity of the circle and then ignore any ruckus.

Both leakage and spirit gathering are common in the beginning stages. But as one progresses on the path they become less obvious and eventually they disappear completely. For the individual magician, their disappearance indicates an increased internal control and a more precise external discipline. Group workings that involve advanced magicians will experience little or no leakage or gathering, but when a beginner is added to their ranks, the external distractions arise again (much to the amazement and terror of the newcomer, accompanied by understanding chuckles on the part of the adepts).


Evocation is the magical procedure wherein a differentiated force (a "spirit" or a demon) is "called forth" (from his or her isolated place of residence) into a magical triangle that is located outside the magical circle.

It is of critical importance that a proper Banishing and a successful Invocation be performed prior to evoking a spirit, for the overshadowing consciousness of the invoked deity is what controls the demon. Without the presence of this higher force, the untamed, elemental force of the demon will certainly end up controlling the magician.

The evocation of a spirit, without first invoking a deity, is a practice of Sorcery and always ends up being a form of Black Magic.


The Subconscious Mind is a favored topic of psychologists. Psychiatrists are not included here because they are medical doctors whose favorite topic seems to be the prescription of pharmaceutical substances.

Demons or Spirits are nothing more than unharmonized aspects of the subconscious mind. Although they appear to be separate entities, and although they display a universal presentment unto various magi, these guys are nothing more than repressed (or forgotten) psychological complexes. The magician, in his or her full expansion of consciousness, contains all things within his or he being. Of course, once they are "called forth" and are made to be subservient, they are no longer subconscious, and they then become controlled, conscious servitors.


The New Age is a slogan that has been used for centuries. Everybody always wants things to get better and the vision of better things to come never fails to draw ardent supporters - and their money. Currently, The New Age is a title that has been adopted by fringe-mystics and pseudo-magicians who promote an overly-optimistic, unrealistic view of reality.

A particularly obnoxious course of study within the New Age community revolves around the subject of prosperity. Having attended a few seminars on this topic, I found them all to be nothing more than subtle, yet selfish, forms of black magic.

A subdivision of The New Age is The New World Order. Again, this term has been around for centuries (see the motto under the pyramid within The Great Seal of The United States that is found on the back of any U.S. one-dollar bill). However, this slogan is not a wishy-washy, metaphysical appellation, but rather it represents an organized, firmly entrenched, dominant body of wealthy power-wielders and potent politicians.

As we view it today, it has its roots in the Knights Templar, who originated our current worldwide banking system. Although the Templars were historically crushed (for purely economic reasons), do not be mislead! Their banking system, and their remarkable power, has survived throughout the ages. A singular example is the well-known, infamous Jolly Roger flag flown by pirates. This symbol, a skull, situated above or superimposed, over two crossed bones, was instituted by the Templars who flew it on the masts of their commercial sailing ships in order to warn off pirates! Today, the highly-publicized, secret Skull and Bones Society is alive and well at Yale University, and its membership includes former and current Presidents of The United States.

To further trace out these linkages, simply type the following entries into the internet search engine of your choice: Templars, Knights Templar, Temple Bar, City of London, Central Bank, Illuminati, New World Order, Trilateral Commission, G-7, G-8, Skull and Bones Society, Federal Reserve System, etc.

Many authors and speakers like to cite the fact that the powers of Light are overcoming (or have overcome) the powers of darkness on planet Earth. This New Age concept is one from which we can be spared. It is illusionary and wishful thinking. Ah yes, the Light has won many battles on the higher planes, but down-to-earth Terra Firma is still firmly in the grip of The Black Lodge. This is due to the fact that almost everyone, virtually everywhere, is ruled by their own selfish ego.


Politics is a topic that regularly comes up at the end of any lengthy discussion of metaphysics. This is because spiritual principles have been shared and examined, ideal social structures have been invented or proposed, and then someone eventually brings up the current state of society and the ruling government's position. The Ideal Administration is then compared to the contemporary Establishment and before you know it, revolution is in the air!

This is exactly what has happened many, many times in the past. See any history book for further details. Pay attention to items like Illuminati and Freemasonry and the founding of The United States. But you will have to seek out esoteric history books, for the Establishment's sponsored texts will certainly omit the metaphysical motivations and spiritual ideals.

Also consider the fact that most countries in the world are governed by dictatorships or repressive regimes. The United States and several of its allies in the "first world" offer what is perhaps the best that can be achieved under our current circumstances. Even this group of nations can be closely examined and found wanting. Political leaders are routinely unmasked to reveal their insincerity and corrupt practices. Legislators continuously sell out what is best for the whole in favor of special interests. People in positions of social and financial power constantly bully, manipulate and otherwise influence "free" beings into submission.

Some ancient civilizations had ways of dealing with political corruption. They required that administrative office-holders take a vow of poverty, with the government then providing for their needs (and not at an expansive, expensive level), thus theoretically eliminating the personal profit motive. Other societies merely killed their kings and rulers if they didn't look after the people in a befitting manner.

However, if you think you can personally influence the present conditions and direction of politics by magical means, take care! This is neither impossible nor even improper, but the Establishment does have its ways of sensing potential change agents, even if they are only working magically.