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Chapter 4

Mantra Yoga


The constant repetition of a word or phrase, either aloud or mentally, is designed to constrain the mind to a single concept, process or realization.

Our minds tend to consistently do this, with or without the conscious discipline of Mantra Yoga. For example, the continual melody and lyrics from a popular song, or the endless reciting of a recent communication in which there was misunderstanding. So why not take advantage of this process, impose our own (spiritually significant) word or phrase, and use it as a tool in our effort to gain union with the primordial consciousness?

The word OM (or AUM) is probably the single most-popular mantra, having been used by yogis and meditators for centuries. There is also the phrase, Om Mani Padmi Hum.

Om mani padme hum is the six-toned sound of the bodhisattva of compassion, Avalokiteshvara.

The middle part of the mantra, mani padme, is interpreted as "jewel in the lotus." Om is recognizable as the sacred syllable prefix of many mantras, and the hum is an exclamation !

The Tibetans pronounce it Om Mani Peme Hung.


AUM and OM

Which spelling is correct? Actually they both are, but many people are confused and think they are variations of the same word, which simply is not the case at all. In a way they are similar, but each spelling and pronunciation is different, and the implied processes are in diametrical opposition.

AUM is sounded in three distinct aspects (A-U-M). This symbolizes the process of Creation - wherein Spirit is brought down to the physical plane and anchored by the force of its outgoing, grounding vibration. It is the “sound of enchantment,” the vibratory process that is the source of illusion.

OM is a dual sound (O-M). It signifies the Return of the Soul from the realm of illusion back unto its source. It is the “sound of entering the silence,” the vibration which tapers off into nothingness.

AUM begins with the sound “,” and OM begins with the sound “o.” AUM is actually correctly sounded in seven distinct sounds, rather than the (seemingly obvious) triple sound. The OM is correctly sounded in one round sound.

The Upanishads says, “Those who sound the AUM return again, but those who sound the OM come not back and seek not again the form.”


Popular Lyrics and Mysticism

Wonderful, operative Mantras are to be found throughout the realms of common ballads. The following interpretations rest solely with The Author and do not represent the only concepts available.

Don't play with me, 'cause your playing with Fire.
The Rolling Stones 1965
- Following the first meditative result (dhyana).


The House of the Rising Sun.
Of unknown origin - recorded by The Animals in 1964
Introducing the candidate to the Order of the Golden Dawn.


I am your Phoenix, I am your Firestorm.
(derived from "I'm your Venus, I'm your fire") - recorded by The Doors.
The relationship with the Solar Angel.


.I've been through the Desert on a Horse with No name
Dewey Bunnell 1971
After crossing the wilderness of Soul-seeking.


.This is the End.
Jim Morrison, "The Doors" 1967
Approaching Samadhi.