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An Essay on

2008 by Academic Services International, Los Lunas, NM, USA


Chapter 8

Living Examples



Many accounts of illumined beings have been recounted in myths, legends, histories, books and motion pictures. I have had the opportunity to be with Lama Govinda, Alan Watts, Rolling Thunder, Black Elk, Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, and a number of other well-known pundits. Their auras were somewhat disappointing when compared to what one might expect from such illustrious beings.

The following are descriptions of the energy field radiations of a few people whom your author has actually encountered, and who were able to "deliver the goods" in an amazing display of illumination.


The "legendary" Jack Schwarz

Jack Schwarz was mentioned way back in the Acknowledgments section of this Essay. I had already seen many auras by the time I first met Jack, but it was under his tutorship that I learned how to see them "at will."

His aura was crystal clear with a slightly gold tinge, much like looking into the solar disk. It completely filled any room in which he was lecturing, and it activated and energized the energy field of anyone in attendance.

Once, during a recess in our activities, I sat down next to him on a bench (thus placing myself within ten inches of him). My entire physical body became intensely electrified with a radioactive sensation, and when I reached down to pet his little dog, I noticed that I could not tell where I ended and the dog began.

I had the opportunity to study under him, and intermittently work directly in conjunction with him, over a period of two decades. He was, indeed, the man with the x-ray vision.


Hunbatz Men

Hunbatz Men is a Mayan Elder, proclaimed by some to be the leader of the indigenous Mayan culture that still exists in western Mexico.

As he was speaking to us one evening, explaining the subtleties of various dimensions, he asked, "Do you want to see me shift dimensions?"

Of course, everyone said, "Yes!"

He was simply standing erect, dressed in the simple white garb of an Indian peasant. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and shifted into another dimension. He did not disappear, but the energy level in the room went up several notches. His energy field became expanded and very clear. I felt a sensation of floating - of being "lightened" and lifted up.


The Conference in La Jolla

Once upon a time, around 1994, there was a two-day Conference in La Jolla, California. It was designed to bring together and present a number of people who were supposedly enlightened, and who would actually speak to us. My self-appointed task was to check out their auric emanations in order to verify their enlightenment. Three people qualified:


Purple laced with Silver

One relatively young, American lady, whose name escapes me, was a meditation teacher. She took to the podium and spoke a few words. Her aura was rather expanded, but the chief quality of this energy field was its perfect steadiness and a perfectly clear, deep Purple radiation, tinged at the edges with a Silver corona.


The Rainbow Baba

And then, while another person was speaking, an elderly man entered the room. He was quite small, dressed in white clothing, obviously of Indian origin, and seemed lost.

As he moved uncertainly down the aisle toward the speaker's platform, people were heard to whisper excitedly, "Baba is here!" and to exclaim aloud, "Look! It's Baba!" He clasped his palms together and gave little bows to various people as he hesitantly moved forward.

I had absolutely no idea who Baba was, but these other people obviously knew and recognized him. Through all of this he wore a broad smile, as though he were thoroughly enjoying himself and was wonderfully amazed at everything he beheld.

Baba is an affectionate term applied to many, many people.
It means father, grandfather, or holy man.

Sitting up on the stage, the Mistress of Ceremonies saw Baba and motioned for him to to come on up - which he did. Someone pulled a chair out for him, but he looked at it as if he had never before seen such a thing. He simply sat down on the floor right next to the Mistress and took her hand in his.

He was not introduced. He just sat there, grinning, as he looked out upon the audience. He appeared to be a simpleton. The energy radiating from him was absolutely astounding.

Perfectly concentric circles of various colors radiated out across the large room in pastel, rainbow hues. Although the "rainbow bridge" usually appears arched over the head of an adept, I can attest to the fact that, in its full-blown form, the radiant rainbow of light completely dominates and fills out the entire energy field.


Francis Lucille

I did not attend the second day of the Conference. Instead, my wife was present. According to her, the main event of that day was Francis Lucille.

She saw, over his head, what she described as energy from another dimension radiating down into him, and then radiating out in a powerful wave that filled the room.

Several people, receiving the full impact of this energy, immediately dropped their heads (as if going to sleep) and then repeatedly jerked them back up (awake) again.

After that, we went several times to meet Francis in small groups..Each and every time, I perceived exactly the same thing in his energy field:

He would sit down, compose himself, take a deep breath, and close his eyes. Within ten seconds, a wave of unbelievably powerful energy would radiate out from him and fill the room. This energy was perfectly clear, but it had one, specific quality - It was filled with golden, rapidly-rotating cresent shapes (like cresent moons) that cut through all other other energy fields and immediately dispersed any heavy, negative vibrations that one might be harboring.

His aura was not necessarily electrifying or energizing. It was simply strong, powerful and terribly deep.

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The Last Two Vibrations

This now leaves us with two final energy fields to discuss.

Penultimatum: Since I have been so critically bold in my assessment of other people, it is only fair that my aura should be displayed so that you might know where I am coming from. Being entirely too modest to hold myself up for review, I have asked another competent clairvoyant to describe my energy field:

"Blue and Gold. An absolutely cold, ice blue with a a golden corona with gold-flecks radiating throughout, similar to Lapis Lazuli.

"At a deeper level, the energy is such a deep, deep blue that it appears to be purely black. It's like a Black Sun!

"Here, look, I just now read a perfect description in this book. It may be hard for some people to understand, but it says:

"Another light is then perceived, the clear cold light which is not light but darkness in its purest purity - the LIGHT of God Himself. It renders dark all else beside Itself; all forms fade out and yet the whole of life is there. It is not light as we know light. It is that pure essential essence of that Light which reveals Itself through light."


"And that's it ..."

And so, I guess, that's it. Jack Schwarz, in his quaint Dutch accent, once said to me, "Yours is the second ray, Azure Blue and Electric Gold. You know, we come from the same place, you and I. Its color is Black. And our job is to teach higher consciousness."


Ultimatum: Our final example of Living Examples is You! Anytime you're in the neighborhood, assuming I'm not dreadfully occupied, please feel free to drop in. I will be pleased to give you a free energy field analysis.

Who knows? You might be the coming Avatar!