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Chapter 7

Pure White Magic

The White Style of Magic is concerned with benefiting the whole at the expense of one's self. Of course, if the whole benefits then so does its parts, including the white magician. White magi often perform external, magickal ceremonies to enhance the evolutionary process and bestow an expanded, higher level of consciousness upon humanity.


When we refer to Pure White Magic, it is the term Pure that merits consideration. Pure means that the process is purely spiritual-mental. That is, there are no external, ceremonial, magical techniques utilized, including rituals, talismans, and/or links. Pure White Magick is engaged in the following manner:

Will (with a capital W ) is defined as The Higher Will, the impulse to cause change that comes from higher sources (including God, the Universe, the Planetary Hierarchy or White Brotherhood, the Supernal Triad, the Higher Self, the Solar Angel). Will must not be confused with personal willpower, desire, or want, each of these being a force that is part of the personality. The term Will is derived from the Greek word, Thelema, or perhaps more directly from the Latin verb, Velle ("to Will").

Contemporary authors and teachers, including yogis, shamans, and metaphysical pundits, now often exclusively use the word, Intent, instead of Will. But they are the same thing.

The original cosmic impulse to cause change is generated in higher realms and is registered in the Atmic (atomic) level of consciousness, but it is intuitively perceived at the next level down, the Buddhic level. It then must descend through The Abyss to be recognized by the human consciousness at the higher Manasic level (the "higher" mind - as differentiated from lower Manas – the "concrete" mind, or intellect).

This information is then absorbed from the "higher" mind into the "concrete" mind, or intellect, where it can be formulated into a symbolic thoughtform or image (the process is called imagination).

The thoughtform is then energized with astral energy (emotional desire) in order to empower it with an impulse to influence the etheric-physical level, where it can easily manifest in the dense-physical realm, where it then become "reality."

In external ceremonies, a link, and/or a talisman, is normally used in order to effect a change in matter through the agency of sympathetic magic. The talisman and the link are composed of symbolic elements consisting of both the cause and the effect.

But this astral-etheric-physical methodology is not employed in Pure White Magick, as the pure art is of a strictly spiritual-mental nature. However, no matter what the style, there is always an element of astral motivation involved, for any concrete thoughtform is automatically bound up with some form of desire – The Hindus call it Kama-Manas ("desire-mind").

Except in the case of an incarnated Avatar, the aspirant to, and practitioner of, white magic is essentially going to evolve through three distinct stages in his or her career: The Outer Order, the Inner Order, and the Supreme Order. Let us examine these stages in terms of magical practices - Outer Magic, Inner Magic, and Supreme Magic:

Outer Magic - The Outer Order, as we have seen, involves the development and alignment of the persona (which means "mask" and is the personality). Magical practices performed at this level are external and always involve some element of selfishness, for the personality, or "outer" person, is incapable of contacting the higher realms in order to determine cosmic intent.

There is much experimentation and basic practice involved at this beginning-level of external rites. Thus it is said that these earlier rituals invariably contain aspects of black magic.

What the Neophyte is supposed to be doing is practicing and developing his or her powers as a prelude to the central rite of the Inner Order.

Inner Magic - The Inner Order includes the task of contacting one's own Solar Angel. Magical practices carried out at this level are usually both internal and external and should involve consultation with the Angel in order to determine the nature of the rites to be performed. However, the Adept is not yet freed from personal karma, and some element of personal confusion still exists, for the causal body, or "inner" person, is indeed capable of contacting the higher realms in order to determine cosmic intent, but many "blind spots" still exist.

It is possible, even at this advanced level, for the initiate to fall prey to illusion and engage in the practice of (selfish) black magic. Some individuals are said to have completely failed in their attempt to remain in contact with their Solar Angel, and instead to have established communication with their Evil Genius - which is just a fancy way of saying that they got wrapped up in their karmic web and have been influenced by a need for power, sex, and/or material domination.

What the Adept is supposed to be doing is expiating his or her karma in preparation of the ultimate tasks of the Supernal Order.

Supreme Magic - To be working within the Supernal Order implies the attainment of a stable position on the Buddhic or Atmic levels of consciousness. Therefore, only in conjunction with these rarified levels is the practice of Pure White Magic possible.

The Magister has indeed cleared away his or her personal karma, but it has been replaced by the necessity of dealing with universal karma. Thus terms like evolutionary advancement and cosmic evil are applicable.

The Magi of the Supreme Order may indeed initiate external rites in order to serve the purposes of advancing and protecting humanity, yet the ideal methodology is purely an intuitive-mental approach. After all, he or she has grown up now and should be able to influence progress without resorting to the playthings of the beginning magician.




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