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Appendix F

Gods, Goddesses and Angels - Continued


10 - Osiris

Osiris (a Greek spelling - but in Khem he was Asar) is the Aegyptian god of life, death and fertility. He is among the most ancient of gods for whom records have been found. He was widely revered until the forced repression of paganism in the Jesus aeon.

The myth of Osiris, the murdered and resurrected god-man, lies at the heart of the legend of Jesus. No wonder the early Christians wanted to stamp out all memory of the Osiris story.

Osiris was the redeemer and merciful judge of the dead in the Tuat, and also the subterranean energy that granted all forms of life, including the sprouting of vegetation and the flooding of the fertile River Nilus.

The Pharaohs of Egypt were associated with Osiris when they died, so that as Osiris rose from the dead, they would do likewise and, in union with him, they would inherit eternal life. By the time of the dynasties of the New Kingdom, all people, not just the kings, were associated with Osiris at death, as long as they could afford the fees attached to the funerary rituals.

Osiris is the brother and husband of Isis, and Horus is his posthumously begotten son. He is depicted as a green-skinned king wearing the white crown of upper Khem with a plume of feathers on the sides. He is usually depicted holding the crook and flail that symbolize the divine authority inherent in Pharaohs, but that were first unique to Osiris; his feet and lower body are wrapped.

The Osirian crook was also adapted into the image of the Shepherd Jesus, but the flail (whip) was concealed, being reserved for use by the Inquisition (and its predecessors) when dealing with non-believers and heretics. Lets face it, the crook went around the neck of the recalcitrant, and it held him firmly in place while the flail beat the crap out of him!

Practices relating to the number 10 include planting corn, protecting crops, healing the sick, and playing the stock market - this last art being reserved for black magi and other gullible fools.



Choose your deity according to the nature of the work. You are not limited to Khem and may select among the gods of the Hindus, the Lamas, the Maya, or the Angels. But for the subconscious mind of the western magician, Aegypt remains as the jewel of historical appreciation.




A magical student of mine once wrote an essay titled Real Angels and Marketing Angels. What a clever play on words!

Marketing Angels are, of course, those cute, quaint, little images, paintings, statues and greeting cards that adorn internet and storefront Angel Shops. Vast numbers of people simply adore them and some homes are literally filled with imagery of angels. This is, of course, a new age phenomenon, although angels with wings have been sculpted and painted for centuries.


Angels do not have wings! The appearance of wings is derived from the upsweeping designs inherent in the energetic auric field of these entities. They are also not cute and cuddly. Contact with a real angel is likely to curdle your hair and affect your sanity.

Real angels are part of the devic evolution. The Devas are the members of an evolutionary stream that is parallel to the world of humanity. They appear only on the etheric-physical planes, thus they usually cannot be seen by humans. But then, some angelic manifestations seem to have occurred upon the dense-physical plane - if so, this is rare.

Deva (angel) is the (east) Indian term for Angel. Note that the root dev- has made its way into English, supporting words like devil, devastation and deviation!

The Deva evolutionary scheme involves several ascending orders of being:

The Elemental Spirits include gnomes, elves, fairies, and salamanders. There are Devas who guard the growth of trees, dominate mountains, guide flocks of birds and fish, and govern the "herd instinct" of animals.

The Elemental Lords rule over the elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

The Angels protect and reveal various levels of consciousness, such as those scary and powerful beings who guard the thirty aethyrs.

The Archangels are said to be the Spirits before the Throne (of God). They are at the head of the angel/deva hierarchy.

The Solar Angel (Guardian Angel) is a devic life force that holds the causal body (soul) of a human as an intact structure throughout the cycles of incarnation. This angel is said to guide and protect. He or she is the primary being in the theology of the developing white magician.

The devic evolutionary tree is complex and includes many orders of being that have not been listed.



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