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Chapter 6

The Chakras

This Chapter is expanded from
Acupuncture and the Wheels of Life
a dissertation submitted to
SAMRA University of Oriental Medine
in 1986 by the author for the degree of
Doctor of Oriental Medicine


Chakras are "energy centers." There are seven major energy centers in the human etheric body, each one being intimately connected to a major endocrine gland.

The physical vehicle is built upon, and animated by, the etheric body, which is an energetic "blueprint" network made up of Nadis (lines of force). In an even deeper dimension, the Hara is found to be the source of our individual life force as extended from the planetary core. The Hara line connects the core of the planet to the Hara [the abdominal "one-point"], and also to the Xin [the sternal "seat of consciousness" star], and then leads upward to the [supra]caudal Void.

Conscious alignment of the Hara line empowers the practitioner to engage the concept of "Intent" or "Will" throughout his or her entire being and to harmonize disruptions within themselves and others.

There is a metaphysical concept that states, "Where two Nadis cross, you have an acupuncture point, where seven Nadis meet, we find a plexus, where twelve or more Nadis intersect, that is a Chakra (center)."


Chakra means "Wheel." When seen clairvoyantly, each chakra appears to be a wheel with a varying number of "spokes." Sometimes they are said to be like lotuses (flowers), each one possessing a certain number of "petals." The point is, each one is round and demonstrates a particular number of divisions.

Each wheel is a vortex, spinning as it draws energy into its funnel. The visual effect is just like a stagecoach rolling down the road in a western movie - You have surely seen how (because of the camera shutter synchronization) the wheel spokes appear to stand still and shimmer? This effect is only seen when one is looking directly into the funnel.

The shimmering effect is technically called a standing wave vibration. Thus, the chakras are really neither spoked wheels nor multi-petalled lotuses. These are merely idealized, metaphorical descriptions.

Only two chakras (top and bottom) have a single funnel. The other five have two funnels (front and back). The funnels are built of etheric-physical energy, and their rotational direction (as well as their shape) can easily be detected with a pendulum.

All of the vortices should be rotating clockwise (as viewed by a person who is looking into the funnel) and the electro-magnetic shape should be round.

Reverse-spinning, or oblong-ovoid shaped, vortices can easily be corrected by even beginners of the art of magnetic, energetic healing.

The chakra funnels also appear within the emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields. In other words, they are present at all levels, except the dense-physical plane, where they manifest as nerve plexi and endocrine glands.

The openings of the funnels are approximately four inches away from the surface of the body. Each funnel draws energy into the central channel, where it is incorporated into the totality of the energy body.

Each Chakra is associated with a color and a number. Each Chakra governs an aspect of consciousness. Some forms of yoga incorporate practices that work directly with the chakras, either as objects of dharana or as dynamic energy centers.

The popular assignment of colors to the chakras lines them up like a rainbow, the order of which is

red - orange - yellow - green - blue - indigo - violet.

These colors are then superimposed over the energy centers, with red at the bottom and violet at the top. This is what comes from reading books and failing to see for one's self - It is not correct!

This general trend continues along, rapturously supporting the illusionary Myth of the Rainbow correlation.
Some schools of thought are particularly obsessed with assigning the color green to the heart chakra. The merest mention that this attribution may not be true is enough to severely shake their belief system and may, in fact, cause them to become angry and speak in a loud voice.

The colors of the chakras, as seen clairvoyantly, do generally follow the pattern listed above. However, the sacral chakra is actually pink, the solar chakra is actually green (with a lot of yellow), and the heart chakra is a radiant golden-yellow (just like the sun).

There are many yogis who adhere to this color scheme - presumably, because they can actually see clairvoyantly.
Note that this color scheme is specifically named and linked to the respective "wheels" in the ancient epic, the Mahabharata.