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The Chakras - Continued



The Brow Chakra

The Brow Chakra funnels are physically located behind the Head and in front of the Brow. They are accessed and regulated by the acupuncture points Yintang ("Seal Hall" or "Hall of Impression") and Du 17 ("Window to the Mind").

Many people believe the brow chakra is centered in the forehead, But its center is actually located between the eyebrows.

This energy center is also called "the third eye" as it is the seat of visualization and imagery. It is a direct gateway onto the Buddhic (intuitional) plane and is receptive to "impression" from higher sources.

There is a Star image associated with this center, both looking inward and outward. The internal Star is dealt with more fully in the Chapter on Illumination. Many people have had the vision of a (seemingly external) Star, but if you "go looking" for it, directly in front of your eyes, you won't find it. Rather, one must look up a bit (without actually raising the eyes), and the Star appears just above what would be considered the normal range of vision. Thus, you really need to be looking with the "third eye."

Its color is Indigo, and It looks somewhat like an Eye flanked by two wings.

This center is associated with two symbols: An Indigo Hexagram or Hexagon (for visualization purposes) and a Winged Disc (as it actually appears).

Modern medical science has dubbed the Pineal gland, the "third eye," but that was because it anatomically appeared to be approximately the same size and shape of an eyeball. So, don't get confused - the brow chakra is the "third eye" of mysticism, and it is associated with the Pituitary (the so-called "master gland").

This two-petalled lotus governs the ability to see, both externally and internally.



The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra funnel is physically located at the top of the head (the "crown"). It is accessed and regulated by the acupuncture points Du 20 ("The Hundred Meetings" - so called because all the channels converge and meet at this point) .

This energy center governs spiritual consciousness. It is a direct gateway onto the Atmic ("spiritual" or "atomic") plane.

Its color is Violet, but it is also the source of the rainbow radiance seen in the aura of the realized adept. This radiance is examined closely in the next Chapter on Illumination.

This center is associated with two symbols: A Violet Lotus (for visualization purposes) and a multi-colored, White Diamond (as it actually appears).

The thousand-petalled lotus governs the Pineal gland, and thus influences both the Pituitary gland and the entire body.



The Eighth Chakra

The Eighth Chakra is physically located about two feet above the "crown". The meaning of it, and its location, are highly controversial. Some people even attribute it to the feet! It is neither accessed nor regulated by acupuncture points, unless one has activated the crown chakra and then focuses two feet above Du 20 ("The Hundred Meetings").

This is a gateway to the Monadic plane, which also is the realm of Kether on the Tree of Life and is the true "eye" that is portrayed within the triangle.

There are also references to a ninth and a tenth chakra. These additional, "upper three" centers relate to levels of consciousness that are so far beyond the realm of normal human awareness that they we will not deal with them in this Essay.

Note that the line that connects all the chakras also extends downward to form a link with the core of the earth.

The color of the eighth center is said to be UltraViolet.