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Chapter 7


The Perception of Light



Illuminated means "lit up with light." Illumination means "the process of giving off light." Enlightened means "being in light" or refers to "seeing the light." Advanced spiritual beings radiate much more light than normal humans, and that light can often be seen or felt by the latter. These "realized" adepts are said to be illumined.

Thus, much of the terminology that refers to the attainment of higher, expanded levels of consciousness is associated with Light. This light is both internal and external. Let's examine each case by itself:


Internal Illumination

Aside from the various colors and images, which the practitioner may perceive in relation to his or her energy field (aura) and/or chakras, there are two distinct sources of Light that are commonly seen. These are the Heart and the Head.

Light in the Heart

The Light in the Heart is usually seen as a golden glow. This can be anything from a glow, a candle flame, a roaring fire, to a blazing sun-like radiance. The candle flame in the heart is often used as an object of dharana.


Light in the Head

The Light in the Head is a more complex issue. There is a Star image associated with the brow center, both when looking inward and outward. We are now dealing with the Internal Star.

There is also a Star image associated with the crown center, again, both looking inward and outward. The external Star, seen directly over the head, can be associated with the crown chakra, and also with the eighth chakra. There is an esoteric connection here with the star, Sirius. But we are now discussing the Internal Star or the "Light in the Head."

If you were to look inward from the brow chakra, a light can be seen.

This is a tricky technique. The eyes are physically "rolled up" and then the vision is directed backward towards the brain and a light is seen.
But if the eyes are simply rolled straight up, there is a certain physical strain placed upon the ocular muscles and the light may not appear.

The proper method is to close the eyelids, stare straight ahead, then roll the eyes around the orbital socket until looking upward (like the hands of a clock moving up to 12:00) - then the vision can be directed backward with ease.

This particular technique is aimed at the pituitary gland, and one is actually seeing the light that comes from the base chakra as transmitted up the central channel to this gland, which is the seat of the brow chakra. This light may merely be a "glow," or it may be "star-like."

But the actual Light in the Head is a different matter:

It is dependent upon the relationship between the electromagnetic fields of the crown center and the center between the eyebrows. After a period of time, during which the aspirant makes definite progress is his or her meditation practices, the vibratory effect of these two centers will eventually become so strong that these two vibrations will impinge upon each other's field of action and a unified electromagnetic field will be created.

This will become so powerful, brilliant, and pronounced that the meditator, when closing his or her eyes, cannot fail to see it.

Eventually, it will affect the optic nerve and activate the subtle aspects of physical vision. One will then be able to see etherically and view the etheric counterpart of any physical object. This is a physiological ability and not a "psychic power" or "clairvoyance."

This "seeing the light" falls into specific, sequential stages and occurs at definite points in the initiatory development of a human being, but is most likely found to occur during the earlier stages.

Thus, the light in the head is described as the result of an energetic bridge-building process, a realistic metaphor that is seen in several ways and locations throughout the aspirant's etheric and physical vehicles.

It eventually leads to the dramatic unfoldment of External Illumination, which is our next subject ...