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Illumination - Continued


The Radiation of Light


External Illumination

There is a Light around the Head of adepts that can often be seen, sometimes even by "normal" people.


This light is an externalization into the energy field (aura) of the internal light in the head. It may be seen in various colors, but its essence is Gold. It is the source of paintings that show a "halo" around the head of Saints, with the common hoop-like halo of cartoon characters being a simple portrayal of this radiance.


There is also a Light around the Body in everyone, commonly known as the Aura. All people normally exhibit an electromagnetic radiation that extends in all directions for approximately seventeen feet and displays various bands, images and colors.

But in the enlightened yogi, or adept, this energy field can be greatly expanded, far beyond the range demonstrated by undeveloped individuals, and its symmetrical bands and colors are much higher (more pastel) in hue.

The term "Aura" is derived from Aurum, which means "Gold."

This enhanced radiation of light comes about through another example of spiritual bridge-building, namely the construction of the Rainbow Bridge.


The Rainbow Bridge

The mechanism of enligtenment and radiation depends on the spiritual journey, the walking of the "path." This path is actually a highway of light that is built in meditation. It is an actual, energetic channel that connects the heart center with the crown chakra.


This pathway has many names, including The Lighted Way and The Rainbow Bridge. The Tibetans call it the Antahkarana.

. . . . .

Through meditative efforts, a connection is built that leads from the heart to the head. When that connection is completed, cosmic consciousness and human consciousness unite. The effect of this union is the rising of the kundalini from the base chakra, all the way up to the crown, where its energy breaks forth in a rainbow-colored pattern in the adept's energy field.


Light in Extension

Some highly-advanced adepts appear to radiate energy for seemingly unbelievable distances. For example, Siddhartha, who became the Gautama Buddha, at the time of his passing into Nirvana, was said to have an aura that extended for two hundred miles.

But then, none of us were there to see that. So, who's to say?


However, some of us were there when certain, modern adepts displayed their consciousness and their energy fields. And that is the topic of our next chapter ...