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2008 by Academic Services International, Los Lunas, NM, USA


Appendix C

Power Centers

Power Centers are especially suitable as locations for magical purposes (if you can locate one). A Power Center is a place that contains and radiates natural energy. A Power Center is said to be ideally configured if it is surrounded by rock (either in a close circle or at a further distance by massive barrier walls) and has only a small or restricted entrance through which you must squeeze and wherein negative energy is "scraped off."

But then, the most potent Power Center I ever visited (The Oregon Vortex) had none of these qualities.

Just like the human body has chakras, plexuses, and acupuncture points, the earth has electromagnetic centers - these are commonly known as vortices (singular: a vortex). Interestingly, there are seven, major vortices on the earth. These are well-known places and they are marked on aerial navigation charts, for they affect (disrupt or cause deviations in) navigation instruments. These major vortices are located: (1) In the Yukon, (2) Two are in China, (3) The Bermuda Triangle, (4) Oregon, and (5) I can't remember where the other two are located.

Aerial maps warn pilots about these areas as severe disruption of navigational equipment can occur. Oh yes, there are other magnetic deviation spots located on maps, but these are simply places where iron ore deposits cause a magnetic fluctuation in a compass. The major vortices show no signs of iron ore being involved and investigators continue to be baffled as to why they exert their unusual effects.

Magnetic anomalies reflect variations in rock magnetization. Often the magnetization of a rock is proportional to the amount of magnetite in the rock. For example, rocks in the San Francisco Bay area are capable of producing measurable aero-magnetic anomalies.

FAR 91.155 (Federal Aeronautic Regulations): "Approach control should be advised and a revised clearance or instruction obtained when compliance with an assigned route, heading and/or altitude is likely to compromise pilot responsibility with respect to terrain and obstruction clearance, vortex exposure, and weather minimums."

There are many lesser vortices that can be compared to the individual acupoints on the human body.

Let's take a look at two vortices that are well-known to your author - The Oregon Vortex and The Aries Vortex:


The Oregon Vortex

This sightseer attraction has been amazing visitors since 1930. The phenomena are real and not like many other tourist traps that have copied it and rely on optical illusions to separate guests from their money. It is located in southern Oregon off of Interstate 5, just east, and about four miles north, of Gold Hill, Oregon.

The vortex is a small area that fluctuates (alternately gets bigger and smaller) in diameter, with the diameter of the circle wherein the space distortion is demonstrable being (on average) 220 feet, but the electro-magnetic effects are sometimes noted in Redding, California, which is 120 miles away!

Note that this measurable, fluctuation effect probably explains the mysterious disappearances in the infamous Bermuda Triangle. When that vortex expands, there is apparently a gateway created at the center that leads to another dimension. When the energy contracts, the gateway is closed and anyone or anything that went through is reported to have mysteriously disappeared.

Fortunately, the Oregon Vortex fluctuates, but it remains stable or plugged at the center, so tourists simply don't disappear.

Pilots of airplanes flying overhead risk disorientation because both magnetic and radio compasses have historically been totally disrupted at 40,000 feet. To make matters more interesting, somewhere around 1990 the US Air Force flew over the vortex at 60,000 feet and noted the same distortion.

The Great Einstein visited the vortex. He looked around and said, "These effects are caused by a relativity shift." Thank you, Albert! He had no explanation as to why there was a shift in relativity.

Upon entering the site (for a small fee, with various discounts for children and seniors), the first thing one might notice is that all the trees in the surrounding area grow straight up, but within the vortex each tree is weirdly warped at various angles:

From my point of view, the main attraction is when two people stand at opposite ends of a level board. After noting their respective heights, they switch positions and the height change is markedly different:

You will probably not be able to camp here and perform rituals, but you can see more at


The Aries Vortex

This vortex is located in Last Chance Canyon just north of Saltdale, California, deep in the Mojave Desert wilderness.


The vortex is a small area that radiates an unusual energy for miles around.



The general area is surrounded by massive, impressive, rock barrier walls and entrance is by a sometimes treacherous, dirt, sand and rock road that requires autos to "squeeze" through narrow, rocky clefts.



The actual vortex is an inverted, pyramidal depression having four distinct sides and is situated where one has to walk about a quarter-mile to get to the center of the pyramid. But the effects can be magically utilized for at least a half-mile away, so pedestrian access is not required.



This power center has been used by myself and my associates many times in the past in order to perform ceremonies that were intended to gain access to higher levels of consciousness. And there is indeed a gateway here that leads to other dimensions, but luckily tourists and magicians do not mysteriously disappear!


Upon entering the site (for free, since it is inside the Red Rock State Park and open to the public), the first thing one might notice is the amazing, multicolored rock formations. The vortex is essentially unknown to the general public as a power center.

You will be able to camp here and perform rituals.